Brent van den Elshout
Creative direction, communication

Brent van den Elshout is a creative director and communication professional working on a variety of projects within the creative industry. Fascinated by the set of beliefs that define people and culture, his work aims to embody what lies at the core of identity. 

While writing is fundamental to his craft, messages are often translated throughout a mixed set of media within a conceptual framework. By combining this multidisciplinary approach with a research-led mindset, Brent seeks to translate the intangible into impactful communication solutions that speak personality and connect with the audience on a deeper level. 

Besides his work as a freelancer, he is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Amsterdam-based platform Minimal Collective, a leading publication and event organisation at the forefront of music, art, and technology. Within his role, he is directing a team of +30 creative professionals worldwide consisting of writers, musicians, visual artists, designers, photographers, and cinematographers. 

He hosted event concepts and exhibitions at locations such as De School and Nxt Museum, working together with worldwide renowned artists and researchers. His projects have been supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and foundation ADE.
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VISUAL GALLERY & writing excerpts

Biography for Loek FreyPhuture West

Loek Frey can’t be boxed except within a world of his own.

Being a free mind with meticulous attention to detail, the Amsterdam-based artist explores the far reaches of experimentalism and sound design through a razor-sharp minimalistic scope. His work can be described as texturized, pulsing, and cinematic. Loek’s musical outlet is his liberation. When in the studio, his natural drive towards the illogical and his obsession with order are in constant conflict, resulting in a chain reaction of unpredictable outcomes. It’s this exact friction that leads to the unrivalled force of his creations. Read more...

Editorial for Horst Arts & Music FestivalMinimal Collective

Broadening horizons at Horst Arts & Music Festival: A revival of the chill-out room.

During the year 2022, the deep characteristics of Horst Arts & Music’s experimental attitude are clearly rooted within the curatorial team, as a new listening space called Turning Circles was added to the program. Although the Japanese listening bar culture has been gaining popularity over the past few years, a dedicated listening space at a festival or club hasn’t been that common in the past decade. We moved over to Belgium to document this development towards a new listening experience. Read more...

Editorial for Solstice FestivalMinimal Collective

An ethereal Midsummer gathering on a Nordic fjeld.

The ancient Finnish Midsummer celebration is said to come with magical forces, and Solstice proved to be one of them. With its panoramic view of never-ending pine forests and majestic lakes, it is hard to believe that the festival site at the Rukatunturi mountain top is a real thing. Although it was, and it created memories that will last for life amongst a crowd that felt like one big group of old-time friends since day one. Induced by the elements of nature, connected through the power of music. Read more...