RADION AmsterdamIdentity, website, campaign
Identity, website, and campaign for Radion Amsterdam, one of Amsterdam's longest standing club venues. In close collaboration with the team behind the club, we created a new identity that revolves around the multi-layered architectural structure of the building. The mission was to shed new life within the iconic ‘R’ symbol that has been around for almost a decade while unifying the variety of events that take place at the cultural venue. Through a grid-based system, an animated visual language, and a holistic web-experience, we built a future-proof fundament for the years to come while staying true to first-day recognizability. 

RADION is located in the former dental centre ACTA, better known as Broedplaats ACTA. In the night, RADION is a club with a 24h license and by day, a vegan cafe. They regularly host cultural events in the Expo space and Cafe and are a home base to festivals such as Fringe Festival, Front Row and Brainwash Night. Creativity runs through their veins, with the club as the beating heart. Over the past 8 years, RADION has proven itself to be a place where this correlation between club and cultural program challenges and strengthens each other. RADION creates value for (Night) Culture with the 3 C’s: Club, Culture and Cafe.

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last update: 02/05/24